Multiple Emerton and Artisjus Award winning actress and singer Andrea Malek  belongs to a well known dynasty of musicians.

At the beginning of her colourful career she appeared on Hungarian and international stages as a lead in numerous musicals (Evita, Les Miserables, Chess, The Sound of Music, Chicago Elizabeth, Camelot, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, Spamalot). She became a household name in her native Hungary through the TV-series Szomszédok (Neighbours), and has ever since been a regular in musical programmes. She acted as a mentor in the Hungarian version of the talent show VOICE. She made records in different styles, namely pop, jazz, chanson and world music. Besides theatre, her real home is the concert stage. She eagerly accepts invitations as a guest performer with Trio Midnight, Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Jazzrael and the Lerch István Supergroup. Her one woman shows titled I Love a Piano and Vadon NŐ (Woman in the Wild) were also issued on CD. A great admirer of poetry, she assembled a children's programme based on works by contemporary Hungarian poets where she is supported by the Eszement MeseBand.

Due to her classical training she easily navigates between the different genres of music. She has appeared in front of symphonic orchestras at the Viennese Konzerthaus, on the respectable stage of the Musikverein as well as in the shrine of Budapest's MatthiasChurchas the soloist with the Hungarian Virtosos Chamber Orchestra. She has interpreted what are possibly the most beautiful and difficult songs of our age when Kálmán Oláh arranged Michel Legrand's compositions for a programme titled The Legrand Songbook, supported by the Danubia Orchestra.

After so much international music, it has been a great desire of hers to return to her own roots. The latest formation, Malek Andi Soulistic speaks to the present. It adapts Hungarian folksongs in the style of Jazz, Neo Soul, R&B, uniquely approached by pianist-composer Bandi Jáger. New compositions also support an artistic renewal. Be it a freshly finished gospel for Christmas concerts, Latin, Yiddish or Hungarian evergreens at different festivals, it is always the same level of thought provoking, danceable and valuable music transpiring from the stage. Unlike so much plastic nowadays, this is the music of the soul.