Andrea Malek was born in Budapest and while writing homework I listened to my mother’s singing lessons, when I went to bed, my father was composing. At the National Theatre – where my godmother took me when she was working. While she made schedules, I was awed by watching the plays from the upper circle and was heartbroken when we had to go home. So I became a singer. In the darkness of the theatre, something like a personal message even dared sneak out of me… I learned the classical piano but instead of growing a hearty bottom on the pianist’s chair I jumped into the world of musicals. There came the leading roles: Evita, Dorian Gray, Les Misérables, Chess, The Sound of Music, and I made my first musical record. And even though there’s not much of a trespass between prose and musical theatre, the musical actress I was had the chance of playing one of the leads of The Lost Paradise among the greatest artists.

I sang a lot on TV – at that time there were still such productions on air – but I made my name nationally in the Telenovella Neighbours. Maybe it wasn’t by accident because that "little medical student” surprisingly looked like me at that time.I could fulfill my dream of becoming a young mum /Gabor/ and the experience made me braver; I could see more and more clearly what I wanted and what I did not. My husband at the time advised me to learn pop and jazz singing. He helped me make my album "Awakening" and later "Meeting Point" – and we presented the new material live on TV from the Congress Centre. I never thought I’d be living abroad but my second son Peter arrived in Vienna… and since I like learning and like challenges, I was soon standing on the stage of the atmospheric Broadway Piano Bar in Vienna. While I sang chansons written for me in Vienna, accompanied by the composer Béla Korényi, I got one of the leads in the musical "Chicago" in Budapest, and started commuting.

Orchestrated by my father, I made my record "What You Need Is Music" Before the opening night of "The Heavenly Bridge" in Győr, I took time to audition for a new Musical named "Wake Up!" I was lucky: the conductor Walter Lochmann was my rehearsal pianist so I had no problem singing and got the part. Then I decided to stay in Vienna for good. Our first child we named ? "I Love A Piano". (The second became Lena but more about her later.) I collected the most difficult songs of the world for this show and 18 months later, after recovering from laryngitis caused by too much pressure, we opened in Vienna’s Interkult Theater. It seems that my voice got stronger because we still play the show and even made a double CD of it. For a summer I sang Guenevere in "Camelot" in Germany. I grew to like the rain there, even though it tried to wash away several of our open air performance. With the help of my fans I put together my Best of… collection CD, containing my favourite and most rare performances. I became Grizabella in the anniversary new staging of "Cats" on the impressive Szeged Open-air Theatre and later in the Madách Theatre. (another role I’m too young for...)

With my friends and colleagues György Böhm and Gergely Zöldi we made the Hungarian production of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years – one of our great victories! It turned out that an unknown, difficult two actor piece can play for full houses in the Palace of Arts. During summers I played with he musical company of Teatro with lots of children, teaching singing and leading courses. Fate presented us with another child in November 2010. Our little girl took a small part in our great family concert, which was one of the most important of my stage appearances. I could finally see my parents’ happy faces among the stage lights and witness my sons’, husband’s and brother’s stage success. I have played almost a decade with my musicians, the material fruits of our labor being my two latest CD’s Concert and Return; it was with their help that I returned to where I started. The concert stage really suits me. Sometimes I feel like the audience is sitting in our living room and I’m entertaining them while dinner is getting ready.

I have found the courage to start writing music and lyrics as well. It seems it’s time for me to step out of the darkness of the theatre and say with my own words whatever I want to say.